Christopher Heal of Herstmonceux, and Chesleigh Richardson of Hailsham, Sussex
Were the First and Second prize winners (Intermediate Grade) in this year’s B.H.I. examinations.
These two 19 year olds are about to commence the third year of their apprenticeship with the Chronometer
Section, Hydrographic Department, Ministry Defence, Herstmonceux Castle, Sussex.
They were educated at Hailsham County Secondary School, and have been very good friends for many years.
However, in matters horological there is much good humoured rivalry between them.
Throughout the twelve lessons of the Intermediate Grade each kept a careful check upon the other’s answer
papers and the marks obtained. The course required a vibrating tool to be made, and the same spirit of
competition produced two creditable articles.
In May this year, there is no doubt that each travelled to the examinations centre, at Hackney, determined to
outshine the other. It is a cause of great satisfaction that when the results were published, only six marks
separated the two.
In the Chronometer Section, two craftsmen horologists have been appointed to guide the apprentices.
Christopher and Chesleigh work a five day, 40-hour week, of which one and a half days are set aside for
academic study.
In addition they wade through a considerable amount of homework.
They are now busy studying the Final Grade course, in preparation for the examination in 1969.