This make of watch we can service the movement but bracelets and straps may no longer be available.

  • In 1900, a watch company under the name of M. Gunzinger-Hug was founded by Melchior Gunzinger at Welschenrohr in the Swiss Jura canton of Solothurn, Switzerland. The firm started manufacture of wristwatches in 1918 and in 1920, the watch manufacturing facility passed to Melchior’s son, Joseph Gunziger, and became, “Gunzinger Bros Ltd” (Gunzinger Frères SA). Joseph Gunzinger registered the trademark, “Technos,” in 1924.

    Here is a recent service of a Technos automatic with inner rotating bezel.

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Charges for Technos watches.

We have serviced the following Technos models

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