We are able to fully service Tag Heuer and Zenith watches and if required we are able to fit new glasses, screw down crowns. We can fit new bezels , dials , sets of hands and all movement parts and fully seal for water resistance.
Chris Heal FBHI ( watchmaker ) has been authenticated by Tag Heuer and Zenith material supply as being qualified to purchase and fit Tag Heuer and Zenith parts to all Tag Heuer and Zenith watches. All Tag Heuer and Zenith watch cases and bracelets are refurbished although engraved bezels may only be part finished. Turn round times are 2-3 weeks , non stocked parts may take longer.

All full service may include a new crown if required and other parts such as hands, bezels and pushers will be charged extra if required.

The part work above has not warranty for the movement or functions of the watch . We will set up and test the watch and if  further work is required we will inform you before returning the watch.

Case and bracelet refinishing is best possible and will NOT be ‘AS NEW’ , rotating bezels are not refinished

Chealwatch ltd will not supply third parties with Tag Heuer parts.
Special notes: Rubber straps, metal bracelets are classed as a retail item by Tag Heuer and can only be purchased via a Tag outlet or directly from Tag.

Please note we recommend multifunction models such as CL111A and CJF7111 are sent to Tag Heuer for sealing and set up – we can send the watch for you and the cost will be as charged by Heuer plus our postages

Assembling Heuer Chronograph

Below are case references of Heuer , Tag Heuer , Carrera , Monaco , Monza watches we have handled at chealwatch ltd – click [ read more ] to see list

570.513T Q62232
1673379 CAV511B
1731407 CAV511A
CAV511B 1662085
CV2010 LU3519 Read More